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Tom Goodhue - Acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, vocals
Carl Roberts - Fretted and fretless basses, keyboards, vocals
Greg Weckesser - Drums and percussion, vocals

Recorded at:
Broken Toy Music Studio - Fairport, NY
Produced by:
The Lollygaggers / Jelly Bob Productions
Engineered by: Carl Roberts
Mixed by: The Lollygaggers
Illustrations and layout: Tom Goodhue
Mastered by: David Torrey, DRT Mastering

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Song List:

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1. Turnip In An Onion Field (7:30)* (lyrics)
2. Death & Revelation (4:39)* (lyrics)
3. Footstool (6:32)* (lyrics)
4. Do You Know What I Mean? (2:44)*
5. Situation At Hand (8:47)* (lyrics)
6. Much Later (4:18)* (lyrics)
7. Wild World (8:40)* (lyrics)
8. Winners & Losers (4:16)* (lyrics)
9. Carry The Stone (8:54)* (lyrics) 

All songs Copyright 1996 Weckesser, Goodhue, Roberts (BMI)
* full version length

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Album Notes:

Quotes from City newspaper, May 9, 1996.  By Rob Cullivan:

"The Lollygaggers don't write strict melodies as much as progressive art rock chant-like compositions, supported by all kinds of guitar and synthesizer effects.  I enjoy their music's jazz-influenced wanderings, as on their latest CD "Better Late Than Never."

"Their album proceeds like a series of secular rock hymns.  It draws on influences as diverse as the Beatles, Pat Metheny, and Yes.  You can even hear some Todd Rundgren-like hooks and Santana-esque guitar runs.  The Lollygaggers' guitar and synthesizer approach echoes that of Jean-Luc Ponty's progressive fusion fiddling playing, spiralling off into the outer regions.  They like their jazz-rock and are definitely accomplished instrumentalists."

"What's most interesting about this album is how rich and diverse a sound the Lollygaggers produce with just three guys -- Carl Roberts on bass, Tom Goodhue on guitar, and Greg Weckesser on drums.  Goodhue's work, in particular, is interesting, especially in the way he'll just whip through eight different guitar effects during a solo, and weave his runs into a seamless garment of sound."

"As the band's name suggests the Lollygaggers conjure up pictures of some intelligent, mellow guy who's a bit overwhelmed by the modern world.  He rises on occasion to confront its evils, but deep down, he would much rather dance wildly in a grassy field with an equally laid-back girlfriend, inhaling the fresh air and giving nary a thought to the uptight jerks who are always wrecking everything."

"The album's artwork, illustrated by Goodhue, add a colorful touch to the CD's booklet. (Not to mention it's loads better than half of the incoherent crap you see on a lot of nationally-known bands' CD.)"

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Song Lyrics

Turnip In An Onion Field
lyrics by Tom Goodhue

I feel like a turnip in an onion field
A gust of wind on a dusty road
Sometimes I do just what I feel
But, I can't remember all that I have

YEAH, here I am!
YEAH, And I feel pretty good!

Today I don't want to see a clock
A gust of wind on a dusty road
On sand I sit a solid rock
Sometimes I feel all that I am

YEAH, here I am!
YEAH, And I feel pretty good!

How do you do it?

Sailing on the Sea of Tranquility
A gust of wind on a dusty road
With all our strength and ability
We must remember all that we have

They'll do that.

YEAH, here I am!
YEAH, And I feel pretty good!

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Death & Revelation
lyrics by Bobby Green

I remember at the kitchen table
The coffee steaming and the smoke of the cigarettes
Drawing your name in lazy circles over the crossword puzzle I left undone

The rain beat on
The rain on the window
No pause of life in between

Then I knew how gone you were
And the grass would need attention
Growing as you are in love, my life
All life is one

The rain beat on
The rain on the window
No pause of life in between

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lyrics by Tom Goodhue

I don't want to be no footstool, honey
Never a piece of the furniture
You burn my flag behind my back
Never gonna let that reoccur

I don't want to be no footstool, honey
Your tired feet need a place to rest
Wouldn't mind if you respected me
I can't respect you I must confess


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Situation At Hand
lyrics by Tom Goodhue

Money makes the world, the world go round
Money makes the world go round

Situation at hand
Recession, that's right, son
You never get anywhere working for anyone
You pay in and pay out
SO sick of being stuck on the bottom rung!
Do you wanna pick from the money tree?
I see it in myself but, I wish that it wasn't me
Situation at hand

I don't understand it

What do I believe?

Depression, not you, woman
Just where did you want to go?
Never having nothing
I believe that's where I got my soul
Don't worry about what you haven't got
There's plenty of Love, plenty of Love
Situation at hand

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Much Later
lyrics by Tom Goodhue

So very much later, no sooner nor later
 another cloud in the sky
 another sunset at dawn
  she spoke to me so softly
  wind kissing the grass

She spoke to me so softly over the telephone
 wind kissing the grass
  and everything that grows
  and the earth that shifts so very much later

I said "You Better Not Lie!"
 and she rolled her eye
  another cloud in the sky
   another sunset at dawn
    wind kissing the grass
     and everything that grows
      and the earth that shifts

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Wild World
lyrics by Carl Roberts & Greg Weckesser

Something has approached the light
What it is I just can't say
But as the fear grows inside us year after year
This world that we live in becomes painfully clear

It's a wild world

The world is crumbling is there something we can do?
If we could only learn to live with each other instead of creating a zoo
People trying to hold on to what they've got and for some it's not a lot
You've got to watch yourself, you've got to watch your back
You've got to watch your friends in case they're attacked

It's a wild world
It's a wild, wild, wild world

The world's supposed to be so intelligent
But if you saw the news you'd know that education has gotta long, long way to go
Such a long way to go!
So let us get it together and unite
You'd think by now we could get it right
So let us save our human race and make the world a better place

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Winners & Losers
lyrics by Tom Goodhue

Wait a minute, wait a minute
Hold on, Hold on, Hold on
Hold on for just one minute

Bending over backwards
Bending over forwards
Bending over, bending over, bending over
for most of our lives

The sun goes down so fast
Makes me wonder how long we will last
Don't depend on anybody to make you happy
Don't depend on anybody to make you sad

Open up your sails and let your heart be filled
Life is just a little more than a series of spills

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Carry The Stone
lyrics by Carl Roberts

Instant gratification
A tired will
Fabricated Circumstances
No climb uphill
Faith in fate
Just along for the ride
Don't take chances
You could hurt your pride

Who's going to carry on (and lead the way when we're gone?)
Who's going to carry the stone (for those left alone?)

A forced fed society
No thoughts our own
Do what's expected of you
And leave well enough alone

Technical minds
Breaded fish in the sea
Lost consciousness
Divided from humanity

All lyrics Copyright 1996 Weckesser, Goodhue, Roberts (BMI)

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