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The Lollygaggers are:
     Tom Goodhue - Acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, vocals
     Carl Roberts - Fretted and fretless basses, keyboards, vocals
     Greg Weckesser - Drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals

(from left to right)
Greg Weckesser, Tom Goodhue and Carl Roberts
Fairport, NY (1993)

The Lollygaggers were formed in 1988 when drummer Greg Weckesser gathered up his mutual friends, bassist Carl Roberts and guitarist Tom Goodhue, to have a bit of fun and create some music.  Jamming together in an art studio in Rochester, NY, The Lollygaggers began to create their own natural and unique style of original music.  With a foundation set firmly in improvisational jazz and rock, The Lollygaggers intently, but not hurriedly, continued to forge their own distinctive musical personality.  From these sessions a name for the band was born, as well as a growing collection of original songs.

Inspired by a diverse number of musical influences, such as Yes, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, XTC, and Gentle Giant, the band eventually created their own distinct style of music by merging progressive rock, alternative rock, and freeform jazz with three-part vocal harmonies.  With the addition of percussion and synthesizers, The Lollygaggers were able to produce a rich and colorful sound, unusual for a trio.

Live at the Penny Arcade
Rochester, NY (August 1992)

Remaining underground for many years, the band performed live and recorded only occasionally.  Eventually The Lollygaggers fashioned their own recording studio and in February of 1996 released their first CD, appropriately titled, "Better Later Than Never.Learn more about the CD and hear sample clips from the album by clicking on the CD cover below.

"Better Late Than Never"
The Lollygaggers' first CD.
Released in 1996
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